Fraud Risk Management

Fraudulent activities present significant risks to business operations and reputations. We provide comprehensive services to prevent, detect, and respond to fraud risks, protecting the integrity and value of your organization.

Our Fraud Risk Management services are not just about addressing fraud incidents but about creating a resilient organization capable of preventing and detecting fraudulent activities.

We specialise in:

Fraud Risk Assessment

We identify potential fraud risks that your organization might face, taking into account your business model, industry trends, and regulatory landscape. Our assessments allow for the effective prioritization of risks and allocation of resources.

Fraud Risk Management Framework Development

Our experts are adept at developing, designing, and reviewing your Cybersecurity architecture. We provide a comprehensive security architecture framework, including a Conceptual Architecture, a Functional Architecture, and a Physical Architecture, thereby driving the efficacy of your Cybersecurity program.

Fraud Prevention Strategies

We develop robust prevention strategies to deter potential fraudulent activities, from tightening internal controls to enhancing employee awareness and promoting ethical behaviour.

Fraud Response Plan Development

When fraud occurs, swift and effective response is critical. We assist in developing a comprehensive Fraud Response Plan, detailing steps to minimize impact, facilitate investigations, and recover losses.

Fraud Risk Training and Awareness Programs

We design and deliver training and awareness programs to enhance your organization’s understanding of fraud risks, empowering your team to recognize potential threats and respond appropriately.

As the occurrence of fraud continues to rise and new methods emerge, companies must consistently identify and address vulnerabilities to mitigate risks.


of companies experienced fraud in the past 24 months (PwC, 2020).


of employees admitted to stealing from their employers at least once and 37.5% of employees have stolen at least twice (Static Brain, n.d.).


of employees steal from small businesses, showing how small businesses are very susceptible to employee theft (Complete Controller, 2019).


businesses lose 5% of their annual revenue to employee fraud and abuse. The median loss per case is $125,000, while the average loss per case is $1,509,000 (ACFE, 2020).


It’s estimated that 30% of business bankruptcies are due to employee theft (Bell, 2021).


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