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We are a reliable ally, offering comprehensive information security services to businesses of all sizes. We strive to solve our clients' problems instead of simply 'selling services'. By understanding your unique needs, we provide tailored solutions that best address the circumstances at hand.


    since then, we have been continuously improving our skills and expertise, evolving into highly skilled cybersecurity professionals.


    successfully completed large-scale projects in the realm of cybersecurity.


    thrilled clients who have experienced our services and have full confidence in us.


    a squad of exceptionally skilled professionals specializing in information security and technical audits. We are not big, but robust and friendly.

    Our aprroach

    We all strive not only to make money through our businesses but to do more - to improve the world, support others, and solve problems. Information has become an integral part of any type of activity, so by safeguarding your data, you protect your future, investments, and opportunities.

    In today's world of cyberattacks, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, smart drones, and regulatory demands for cybersecurity, the loss or careless use of information can lead to the loss of your business. We are here to protect and support you, and we are really perfect in what we do.

    Volodymyr Tkachenko, CEO.

    We do care - We take it seriously.

    We take it personal - We care about you as much as we care about ourselves.

    We are trusted - Like "a son of mom's friend"

    Areas of Our Expertise

    Application and Infrastructure Security

    Our team of security experts excels in safeguarding your applications and infrastructure. We dive deep into the digital realms, hunting for vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and security gaps. Our services include everything from penetrating the defenses of your systems to scanning for vulnerabilities, securing web applications, and fortifying mobile applications. With our professional services, you can rest assured in protection against threats.

    Cybersecurity Governance Risk and Compliance

    We specialize in assisting organizations in establishing effective cybersecurity governance frameworks, managing cybersecurity risks, conducting audits for compliance with regulations and standards, and implementing strategies to mitigate fraud risks. Our services focus on aligning your cybersecurity practices with industry best practices, ensuring regulatory compliance, and enhancing your overall risk management approach.

    Cybersecurity Solutions

    Our comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions cover SIEM, vulnerability management, and anti-malware solutions. With our advanced SIEM technology, you can proactively monitor and respond to security incidents in real-time. Our vulnerability management solutions enable you to prioritize and address vulnerabilities effectively, while our robust anti-malware solutions provide strong protection against malicious software and cyber threats.

    We will not quote our customers' testimonials on purpose. Instead, see how reliable their services are.

    Basics of our work

    We take pride in our certifications that validate our expertise and commitment to delivering quality services.

    Our certifications encompass industry-recognized standards, signifying that we adhere to leading practices and security norms.

    We continually update and expand our skills to ensure that we stay at the forefront of technology and security requirements.


    Various international professional certificates confirm the qualifications of our specialists.


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